Inauguration of the Jesus statue in the spring of 2024

We must inform you that the inauguration of the Jesus statue in the Limbiķi Cemetery, which was scheduled for August 26, 2023, has been postponed until the spring of 2024.

The carving of the statue experienced a number of difficulties, as a result of which we cannot be sure that it will be installed on time. We do not want to rush the process and have the quality of the work suffer; and it is also important for us that we can gather for this celebration in front of a completed monument.

It is still the case that the statue of Jesus will soon be installed in the Limbiķi Cemetery, where preparation work is already underway. If you pass the town of Grobiņa this autumn, stop by! But the inauguration festivities will be held in May of next year, after the statue has had some time to “grow into” its new surroundings.

We will keep you posted on about the further progress of the monument’s installation, and we will let you know the new date of the inauguration celebration in early 2024.

We are sorry that this happened. Thank you for your understanding!
Liepaja Diakonia Centre and Gita, Tabita and Toms