Vaira Tempel

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Dear Gita,

Martin has passed away. I did not know him personally, but I knew of him from stories. I knew of his studies, of his work in the church in Liepaja, Latvia, of the deaconess centre he founded. I also knew about his illness and his strength to live and work. It is beautiful how you describe the closeness and support between your children.

I greet you and your loved ones with the words of this song

When the bells of the cemetery mourn
For those who have gone singing,
Who then can exhaust the measure of grief,
We feel a solemn joy in our hearts.

But Thou who art the judge of our way,
Let the way begin and the path end.
Thou, God, who givest and takest all things,
Give us strength to hasten towards Thee.

And when the bells of the grave ring softly
Sing of those who have gone,
When tears fill the eyes,
Come, O God, and give us peace in our hearts:
Without Thee the cross weighs heavy on us,
Come, God of peace, send us peace.