Olaf Kreitsmann

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Our friend Jürgen touched me deeply on Friday evening with the news that our Martin has left this world.

I suffer with you and am deeply saddened by the death of the friend who is my first conscious memory in my life. In the last days and weeks I have been in constant contact with Martin via WhatsApp and knew that this moment would come. Nevertheless, the day life ends is then a certainty that makes you realise the vulnerability of our being and the power of love among friends. I try to find comfort in realising that one evening in 1980 we had already received terrible news and afterwards the gift of almost 41 years of beautiful moments was there for Martin and all his loved ones. Unbelievable creativity in a community that would not exist without Martin will remain forever in Liepaja and here in the memory of many supporters.

I will never forget the beautiful days we had during my visits to Liepaja. The wonderful wedding with Aja and Martin, which for me will always remain a symbol of a great gift from God. For me, the memory remains of so many hours and days from childhood, our youth and adulthood when I was able to experience something that unfortunately is not given to everyone. Unconditional friendship, loyalty and an almost blind trust in each other that made every meeting, even after a long time, a moment that was as if we had seen each other for the last time the day before.

For Kerstin and our children, Martin was always a part of our family when he was here, sometimes more than my siblings were.

I wish you the strength to get through these days well together. I know that Martin’s place in your hearts and memories is surrounded with love and light.

I send you all the strength and confidence I have and I am with you with my heart and my thoughts.